Love at first sight.

Munich – Must see

Munich isn’t only the capital of Bavaria, but also the third largest city of Germany. That said, it is worth a visit. To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t be a fan since… Lees verder

Munich – Food

Of course I didn’t go only to Oktoberfest, I did some sight seeing around Munich as well. And to be honest it surprised me, in a very positive way. I discovered some very… Lees verder

Munich – Oktoberfest

3┬ádays I spent in Munich and every day we went to the Theresienwiese, the place were Oktoberfest is held. The best way to describe Oktoberfest is to say it is a combination of… Lees verder


The last weekend of September I spent in the capital of Bavaria, Munich. I’m ashamed to even say it but I had never been in Germany before, even though it is one of… Lees verder

New beginning

Traveling is my life, if possible I would do nothing else than just flying from one place to another. Discovering new cultures, walking from one little street to a nice square with lots… Lees verder